We help teams with critical decisions

We are outside consultants, not interfering with anyone's job
Is this the right player for the team? When faced with decisions such as whether to aquire a player for the team, Open door sports comes in and gives the right advice player as well as for the team for that particular timing. Open Door Sports advises Owners, GM's Coaches and Players, in the Big 4, NFL, NBA MLB and NHL.

Open Door Sport's History

David James Started Open Door Sports with the purpose of being the best sports consulting firm in the business. Open Door has proven itself with calls that can save anywhere from a few million dollars, to hundreds of millions of dollars to teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

Please take a look at our portfolio page, in the past 10 years Open Door Sports has made hundreds of valuable calls, so much that one of our founders, David James, has become known as "The Predictor". A name given to him by the radio networks.

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David James
  • David James Our expert sports analyzer, David is hardly home, meeting clients all over the US.
  • Brian MinitzerBrian is our CTO, leading the technological aspects of Open Door Sports.
A. We come over to you to do a preliminary meeting. We discuss our past calls, and show you what's about to happen to other teams with our current calls.
B. After our meeting, you will decide whether you want to put Open Door Sports on a consulting agreement, and you may want to call some of our references in the industry. After 10 years, we have many testimonials as to our success!
Next Step is Signing contracts We have a simple consulting contract, and we will discuss if we are doing a one year trial, or a two year contract. This is cancellable by you at any time, however we guarantee you will be more than satisfied with our calls.
C. We start working together. Whether it's free agents, player evaluations, draft picks or trades, we are at your disposal.
Initially we will meet with you face to face, and we will fly out to meet whenever you ask for it, however most of the time you will pick up the phone or just email us to get the information you want. We also use the latest technologies, such as web video conferencing and other more secure communications.
D. First year has passed, we meet again to discuss what's next. By that time we would have proven our value to the team many times over.

Although we stay in the background, not taking any credit of yours, We do look forward to many exciting years with your team!

Open Door Sport's mission has always been to provide the best information, with the best timing to Team Owners, General Managers, Coaches and players.

One of our founders, David James, has been forecasting the successes as well as non-successes of players as well as coaches for the past ten years. Giving advice to teams and helping them be the best they can be, as well as win championships, is our ultimate goal. We say, "Give us 2 years, if the team wins that year, we may have gotten a little lucky. However, the next year your team will take that championship home"
We want your talent!
We are looking for people with background preferrably in the sports industry. If you have experience in one or more of the sports we consult in, or the other jobs listed below, please send your resume to bm[at]opendoorsports.net, and we will review it and get back to you, time permitting.
Please look below at our current openings, and send you resume to the address above.
J.T The Brick, Fox Sports:
"We have one of the best talent evaluators in all of football, basketball and baseball joining us in studio... David James, the Predictor...."

Head Coach Ron Zook, Univ. of Illinois:
"WOW"...Head Coach Ron Zook after David said he was going to SHOCK the college world that season. He won Coach of the year...

Pat Gillick, GM of The Phillies
"Want to thank you. Your calls have come out." Pat Gillick, GM of The Phillies before winning World Series in 2008...David broke down the reasons for why they would win before season began..
GM of the Lakers, Mitch Kupchak:
"You Called it" GM of the Lakers Mitch Kupchak, on his being nominated 2008 GM of the year, David called this before the season began...

Coach Dick Vermeil - KC Chiefs Head Coach
"You did it again Predictor!" Coach Dick Vermeil on the success of Larry Johnson. David speaking with coach explained how Larry has huge success ahead and to push away trade offers for Larry.