In discussion with Pat Gillick, David said that when Chase gets to be their regular starting second baseman, he will be one of the best to ever play that position!
Years later, Joe Morgan calling a game of his, stated "You might be looking at the greatest hitting second basemen...Ever!"
David said on FOX as well in a MLB meeting a season ago that Nolan was about to BURST onto the scene and will stay on top in the future!
David stated on-air that this kid IS the real deal out of Washington when some said his height and weight will be a problem at the next level.
At a owners meeting, David was asked about Trumbo. David stated he liked him a lot but is more excited about Trout coming up from triple A the following season.
David called Jon Daniels to congratulate him on the brilliant move of aquiring Vladimir Guerrero, when the press downgraded it and said his career is done, David said that Jon will receive accolades at the end of the season for aquiring him. Vladimir won DH of the year and Jon won exec of the year.
In 1998, David went on TV and said if someone takes a shot on the demoted Jermaine Dye, he will comeback and shock eveyone. A certain GM at a owners meeting a year later wanted to know how did David come to that conculsion and that was his favorite call. Jermaine joined David in 2001 on-air and thanked him, David responded by saying, "I want to go on record Jermaine, that this is only the beginning of a successful comeback!" A few years later, Jermaine won The MVP of The World Series.
When David went on record in a interview before the 2007 season began that The Red Sox were going to win it because of Francona, 12 writers under the same umbrella went against him. Terry called and thanked David.
David told the Rangers that their club is about to make headlines as one of the best hitting clubs in the MLB, and Nelson will be a big part of that. David said that a year BEFORE the season started, BEFORE their first WS in 2010!
David said when Derek was coming out of college that he will be the best shortstop to ever play the game. David to this day feels he is the best player HE has ever seen play the game!
David was asked if he thought his Jermaine Dye call would win the HR derby. He stated, No, I'll go with the kid Howard (who won it!) "He will be a sensation for years to come!"
In David's breakdown sheets to Pat, he stated the obvious success of players (Rollins, etc) but he also said that he made lots of other (i.e. Pedro Feliz) smart moves as well, like sticking with Ruiz and that he will deliver better than expected.
David had Carlos join him on his show in 2001, he explained to Carlos his past calls and stated that he was going to be the next big hitter in the league...When Carlos signed his fat contract years later, David smiled.
David explained to Jack two years post Jack winning manager of the year that he has bigger success ahead. Jack went on to win the world series with the Florida Marlins.
Ned bounced back this year (2015) as David projected before his WS run.
After Jermaine joined David on Air (the day he was traded to the A's) David said to the team "Don't lose this kid Tejada. In the future, he will be a sensation."
David advised The Dodgers to stick with Roger. A year later, Roger joined David On Air, as a Member of The Mets, and lead the MLB in stolen Bases.

MLB Portfolio

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Open Door indicated the Success of:
Open Door indicated these Manager's Success:
Chase Utley
Jimmy Rollins
Ryan Howard
Nolan Arenado
Carlos Ruiz
Aaron Rowand
Shane Victorino
Jermaine Dye
Derek Jeter
Derrek Lee
Tim Lincecum
Mike Trout
Melky Cabrera
Andres Galarraga
Curtis Granderson
Vladimir Guerrero
Carlos Silva
Bill Mueller
Carlos González
Ubaldo Jimènez
Roger Cedeno
Carlos Beltran
Erick Aybar
Aubrey Huff
Nelson Cruz Jr.
Kerry Wood
Milton Bradley
Marco Scutaro
Chad Billingsley
Carlos Lee
Coco Crisp
Scott Hairston
Kevin  Youkilis
Joakim  Soria
Jonathan Papelbon
Miguel Tejada
Bobby Abreu
Bengie Molina

Terry Francona
Jim Tracy
Jack McKeon
Tony La Russa
Ned Yost

* Open Door Sports can provide dates of these successful calls.  These were made at a time when the player/manager was either unknown, upcoming or was projected to have continuing success.  (Vice versa with the downgrades.)   For example Vladimir Guererro had an already outstanding career in MLB when most teams downgraded him and said he peaked, Open Door Sports went on air and stated, No; he has one more huge season left in him. Vladimir went on to win DH of the year this past season.