We Make Business Sense

Open Door Sports has shown over the years, that when Owners, GM's and coaches implemented our recommendations, in hindsight the move was the right one.

We have recommended to get Rajon Rondo when he was an unknown, when an assistant GM said he "didn't have a shot in the game".   Click Here for our full portfolio

We downgraded Tim Couch, D. Matsusaka and Matt Flynn. History has shown we were correct. Click Here for our full portfolio

We called the undrafted Tony Romo, recommended the unknown Tom Brady and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Click Here for our full portfolio

Click to see our Portfolio page, however to get our full breadth of calls, please contact us through the website or call us.

What People are saying

"You're legit!" John Shaw, President of The Rams: John called David after The Super Bowl to let him know that he would be setting up a meeting with his GM.

"We have one of the best talent evaluators in all of football, basketball and baseball joining us in studio..David James, the Predictor."... J.T. The Brick, Fox National Radio, Welcoming David James to the show.
WOW" I'll take that!" Coach Shanahan after David said to him "Forget the Elway era Coach, you will go down as the greatest breaker of running backs in the NFL!"
Coach Shanahan, Denver Broncos
"The NFL and media alike better take note of David James. His site is insightful and full of interesting and true predictions. The guy knows his stuff!"...
Johnnie Morton, Pro Bowl wide receiver, Detroit Lions
"WOW"...Head Coach Ron Zook after David said he was going to SHOCK the college world that season. He won Coach of the year...
Head Coach Ron Zook, Univ. of Illinois

"Thanks a lot, thanks for all your support." Jermaine Dye, Kansas City Royals, on his successful comeback.

Our Methodology

Open Door Sports never interferes with the existing staff. We come in as outside consultants, and based on our history of very successful calls for multiple teams, we point to the right information.
Then we leave, the existing staff decides what they want to implement from our recommendations.

We are comfortably assured however, that the following year, once they see the effects that Open Door Sports have shown them, they will implement more and more of what we recommend.