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David James Called Rajon Rondo at Mitch Kupchak's office, when an assistant GM looked at the sheets, he said "Rajon Rondo? he doesn't have a shot in his game!"
David went on record saying "His dad was solid,
but his son will be as well!"
David stated On-Air, May 2014, if Spurs go to finals, not the big three, Leonard will be the MVP!
David sent sheets out teams stating Larry reminds him of his Ben Wallace evaluation and stood by him for two years while in the D league
If someone takes a shot on CJ Leslie this season, he will turnout to be a sensational story. (Pic at Summer League 07-14-2013)
When asked on National Radio if it's going to be Carmelo or LeBron, David Paused, and said "it's going to be this kid out of Marquette, Dwyane Wade." Host said David pulled a curve ball on them.....
David as an "On Air" guest, explained to the host that he felt Fisher could be THE guy in the Spurs Series.. (what ended up being the 0.4 game!)
When the press was not kind to coach Rivers in Boston, David sent out one of his packages explaining to Coach Rivers to hold tight, David thought that he will deliver better than expected. A few months later in a GM meeting with a different team, the assistant GM stated "You're going to be wrong about Rivers evaluation" Doc went on to win the NBA chamionship the next season.
David sent his team reports out to Coach Scott when he took over the Nets as a rookie coach, and said "in Byron's first year he will be the talk of the NBA!"
One of David's favorite projections, David studied this solid player out of the Virginia Union, although he's only 6'9", he plays like he's 6'11" with his unbelievable defense that included strong rebounding and swatting/leaping ability. David raved when Wallace was an unknown that he would be one of the most sensational defensive players for years to come.
Evaluating Hibbert to a GM, David said that Hibbert and Lopez are the next 2 premiere centers in the league.
David explained in a meeting with a GM, that if you liked my Granger sleeper pick, Earl Clark will be this draft's sleeper!
David explained to Jamison that he he will play a major role with The Lakers
David said on Fox National Radio, that Danny Granger will be the steal of the draft out of New Mexico.
When having assistant head coach Larry Drew on David's Radio show, David explained to coach Drew that Richard Hamilton is going to be one of the next big guards in the league.
David went on air and stated that a lot of teams made a mistake of passing on this young guard from Arizona. When he fell to the 2nd round of the NBA draft, David stated he's a lock to be the steal of the draft.
When David was interviewed by a national newspaper, the writer, while giving him accolades regarding the non-success of Drew Henson, said to David that he will be wrong about his evaluation of success for Jason Terry coming over to Dallas from Atlanta.
David went on record on his release sheets to teams, stating that Jamal will be the 6th man of the year before the season started. Crawford won the award.
while at an NBA GM meeting, David went against the grain when Aaron Brooks was frowned upon because of his height and weight. David stated "if you like my past calls, you're going to like this guy in the NBA."
On David's release sheets, he stated that although he liked Carlos Arroyo's game, he said the team will be much better off with Chalmers starting in his place. The team at the All Star break ended making that move.
On-air, David was questioned big time on his statement that Lamar will flourish with The Lakers by leaving Miami.

NBA Portfolio

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Open Door indicated the Success of these players:
Open Door indicated these Coache's Success:
Rajon Rondo
Klay Thompson
Larry Sanders
Dwyane Wade
Earl Clark
Roy Hibbert
Danny Granger
Ben Wallace
Richard Hamilton
Kawhi Leonard
Brook Lopez
Gilbert Arenas
Jason Terry
Raymond Felton
Joe Johnson
Jamal Crawford
CJ Leslie
Derek Fisher
Blake Griffin
Ben Gordon
Leandro Barbosa
Aaron Brooks
Manu Ginóbili
Elton Brand
Russell Westbrook
Mario Chalmers
Lamar Odom
Arron Afflalo
Doc Rivers
Nate McMillan
Larry Bird
Scott Skiles

* Open Door Sports can provide dates of these successful calls.  These were made at a time when the player/manager was either unknown, upcoming or was projected to have continuing success.  (Vice versa with the downgrades.)