David stated on air in 2001 that the New England patriots are making a big mistake signing Drew Bledsoe to $100M deal, when asked "don't they have a backup?" David retorted "Michael Bishop out of Kansas State? He won't work out, put this kid Brady in, the 6th round draft choice, if they put this kid in, they'll make the playoffs"
David's first call...Did not look good out of the box, David stood by his call, Brett thanked him for standing by him years later.
David stated on FOX that The Vikings got The D player of the draft and compared him to Boulware and Sharper.
David explained to Coach Marchibroda that this young speedster is going to be big in The NFL soon. He turned in a memorable Super Bowl performance two years later.
David wrote Coach Fassel in a letter (in his first year as head coach) and explained why he would win coach of the year.
He also wrote "watch out for this kid Michael Strahan, in the future, he will be breaking records."
On David's show after their Super Bowl win, David explained to Marvin he would be the next big coach in the NFL. When Marvin took the Defensive Coordinator position with the Redskins, David congratulated him but told him again 'you're not a defensive coordinator anymore..you're going to be the next big coach in the NFL." Cut to 2009 when the press wasn't too kind to Marvin and David again told him it's okay, it's going to work out." Marvin won Coach of the year at the end of the season.
David was saying to Larry at his rookie party that he has him on most of the covers of the sports magazines in TWO years, Larry said "You know Predictor, I'm going to say in one!" First year, moderate success, Second, he was on the covers of most sports publications. As seen in this picture, Larry is holding up one finger...
Zach is David's first bid sleeper call! sent a letter to Coach Johnson stating this fifth round draft pick will be a sensation in the pros!
David said that Foles out of Arizona will be a top flight QB in a couple of years.
"This kid is 6'3", big hands, big thighs and he will knock you over on his routes" This is what David wrote about this young talent out of Tennessee-Chattanooga.
David met Tony at his rookie party, and explained to him that he'll go down as one of the best tight ends to ever play the game.
            David speaking with Lee at his rookie photo shoot, said that he spoke with Tom Donahoe and confirmed that he was the real deal! Lee led all rookies in touchdown receptions.
On Boldin's draft, David stated on his release sheets to teams that Anquan will be the steal of the draft out of Florida State.
He was the only rookie that went to the Pro Bowl that year.
David said on his draft show last year (2009) that James will be THE D-player to draft and compared him to his Zach Thomas evaluation!
Philip Rivers and David James at his Rookie Photo shoot, David said Philip will be the one to shatter all the records in the future.
While on air, J.T the Brick asked David, after giving David accolades on Tom Brady, who the next big thing is, David said he would bench Bledsoe and put this kid Romo in out of Eastern Illinois. The host almost laughed, and said "So if Drew Bledsoe doesn't deliver you put Romo in?" David said, "yes, he'll deliver for you."
David explained to Coach Shanahan in 2005, that in the future, you will be known as the best developer of RB's. Years later (Morris) David's projection is still holding strong!
David explained to Coach Schwartz that he will turn out to be the best of the new Coaches hired that year. National Football Post rated him #1 in The NFL for the turnaround success of the lions.
David said on-air that his former team is letting him walk out the door and he will have an IMMEDIATE impact on his new team.
David said to his college coach at the time of Brandon's draft that he could not believe he fell to the fifth round.
David backed this solid product out of Georgia. When his own team benched him, David went on record again saying they're making a mistake!

As a guest on WIP (CBS) in Philadelphia,
David said "If I were The Eagles, I would look in my own back yard at Pitt. This kid McCoy fits their system."

David said as a guest on CBS that The Texans should play one of his picks out of Auburn more, he will deliver.

David tried to explain to Marshawn's former coach the reasons why he should keep Marshawn out of Cal.

While as a invited guest to The Chargers training camp, David said to their GM, "That's your guy!" The GM was taken aback, considering he thought he would pick out different players. Norman went to the Pro Bowl at the end of that season!
In a letter to Coach Fassel, David said before Tiki's first season started that he sees explosiveness around Tiki when he gets his opportunity...A President of a different team said that was his favorite call that David made, because he was not high on their radar in that draft.

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Open Door indicated the Success of:
Open Door indicated these Coache's Success
Tom Brady
Tony Romo
Knowshon Moreno
Zach Thomas
Anthony Barr
Nick Foles
LeSean McCoy
Ricky Manning Jr.
Ben Tate
Marshawn Lynch
Brett Favre
Sam Bradford
Larry Fitzgerald
Demaryius Thomas
Philip Rivers
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Terrell Owens
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Anthony Fasano
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Lee Evans
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Ryan Pickett
Jermaine Lewis
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Tiki Barber
Tony Gonzalez
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Darren Sproles
James Laurinaitis
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Marvin Lewis
Jim Schwartz
Tony Sparano
Bruce Arians
Bill Parcells
Mike Shanahan
Bill Belichick
Tom Coughlin
Jim Fassel
Jon Gruden

* Open Door Sports can provide dates of these successful calls.  These were made at a time when the player/manager was either unknown, upcoming or was projected to have continuing success.  (Vice versa with the downgrades.)